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ic! berlin U9 Güntzelstraße Golf

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frame: 132 mm
lens: 60 mm
weight: 18 g
nose: 24 mm
temple: 6 mm 145 mm flex tpe

ic! berlin U9 Guntzelstrasse worn by behind the scene staffs


Green Collection

It’s a whole new ball game. Introducing The Green Collection: feather light, unbreakable sports eyewear with specially formulated photochromic lenses for better performance on and off the golf course. These sunglasses will keep you looking sharp and seeing sharper through all 18 holes, on to the 19th, back to the office and about town. Because golf really is a sport! In an exciting new collaboration, ic! berlin has partnered with a leading lens manufacturer, to release a collection of sunglasses designed to improve your game and keep you looking sharp on the fairway, in the clubhouse, on the high street and at work.

Each model is available in black, pearl and electric green, and to separate you from the crowd, all models from The Green Collection come with a distinctive electric green clip.


Photocromic! Lenses

Keep track of your balls with ic! berlin new photochromic lenses Photo Orange Mirrored and Photo Copper. These colours have been specially formulated for golf to enhance contrast of greens and whites: the improved green contrast helps you better judge distances, find the break on the green and suss out the best putting line; while better white balance gives your tiny white ball more contrast against the sky.

Photo Copper lenses shift from an orange-brown to dark brown and have a base luminous transmittance (Tv) of 40% (category 2) to 11% (category 3) when fully activated; Photo Orange Mirrored lenses are slightly lighter and have a base Tv of 63% (category 2) to 22% (category 3) when fully activated. Both come with dirt-repellent, ultra-hard and scratch resistant coatings, and a back-AR coat for glare-free vision.

ic! berlin frames are almost unbreakable, so their lenses need to be too. Their new Photo Orange and Photo Copper lenses are made from super strong, super light Trivex and adapt with sun and UV exposure to improve lighting conditions on the fairway. 


technic!al information

ic! berlin frames and components are cut from 0,5 mm, highly flexible stainless steel. The frames are constructed from just three simple parts: front frame, temple and a clip which secures the lens. This production method is unique in the eyewear industry. The front frame is joined at the temple to a tension based hinge that functions without screws. No tools are necessary to assemble the individual parts. The temple snaps easily into the front frame and can be disassembled just as quickly. This system makes changing lenses easier than ever. To release the lens, simply unhook the temple and remove the sleeve that holds the frame together. The sheet metal glasses are also exceptionally light weighing between 11 and 28 g.

The material is pliable and can be adjusted to fit any wearer. Extreme light weight and precision adjustment capability have been combined to ensure maximum wearing comfort. ic! berlin frames are virtually indestructible. The pieces snap back together in seconds, and if the frame is bent, the wearer can easily reshape the frame back into its original form.

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