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We are a company of optometrists & opticians.

Sin Chew Optics is an optical company serving Singapore. Our primary objective is to ensure patients, provided with their preference of optical product(s), achieves improved visual acuity and enjoys a better quality of life. With the inception of globalisation, we are also able to extend our services and products globally.

We believe that everyone should have the right to enjoy our beautiful world thru their own eyes.

And this was how it all started.

1982      Optical shop first opened at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore.

1984      Relocated to Thomson Plaza, Singapore.

2007      Started official blogging site @ www.sinchewoptics.com

2009      Switch blog over to Blogspot.

2011      Switch blog over to Facebook.

2016      Started Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest. Obtain sinchewoptics.com.sg domain.

2017      E-commerce webstore went live.

Everything else is history.

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