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Kazou Kawasaki

Bringing the ergonomics to everyone.

The ergonomically designed "Kazuo Kawasaki" eyeglass frames are
easy to use and wear for everyone.

"Kazuo Kawasaki ACT" pursues further ease of use
and adopts new ideas such as ultra-thin rims, streamlined design of temple tips, and large nose pads,
making it easier to wear for various people than before. We have incorporated a mechanism to nurture "glasses". The word "Ningen no glasses" expresses the desire
to create eyeglasses that are easy to use for all humans (Ningen) and that are close to each other.

Based on the idea of ​​"Ningen no glasses", we will change the intellectual keywords such as " ergonomics", "natural world", "technology", and "transformation" into a more intimate and
attached existence. That is "Kazuo" Kawasaki ACT ".

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