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ic! berlin Kingpin

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frame: 136 mm
lens: 53 mm
weight: 27 g
nose: 21 mm
temple: 10 mm 145 mm flex

ic! berlin Kingpin worn by Bajar Z


Fresh out of the ic! berlin Produktion Haus: rubber

Inspired by the stretchy pants they needed after Christmas, ic! berlin presents rubber – a brand new range of flexible rubberized eyewear that is as sporty and bendy as a Russian gymnast.

Handmade in Berlin and treated with a polyurethane-based thermoplastic elastomer (TPE-U), rubber from ic! berlin strikes the perfect balance between high performance sports eyewear and high fashion sheet metal eyewear. TPE-U bendsfreely and easily with the frame, providing a bolder, more defined look without sacrificing ic! berlin’s famously flexible 0.5mm sheet metal.

How? A perforated sheet metal core is injection-moulded with hot liquefied TPE-U which, as it cools and sets, solidifies into a remarkably elastic rubber. The perforations allow the TPE-U to flow through and surround the frame, attaching and adhering to itself securely in place. No glues, no hooks, no chance for anything to break or fall off. ic! berlin’s rubber eyewear is scratch resistant, heat resistant and suitable for wearers with latex allergies.

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