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ic! berlin

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ic! berlin Harmonic Oscillator

Harmonic Oscillator, brown drift wood, bronze
Harmonic Oscillator, rocket fuel rough, pearl
Harmonic Oscillator, black rough, chrome
Harmonic Oscillator, broken bottle matt, black

frame: 136 mm
lens: 56 mm
weight: 27 g
nose: 19 mm
temple: 10 mm 145 mm acetate / 10 mm 140 mm cigarillo

ic! berlin Harmonic oscillator worn by Sarah B. Bolen


technic!al information

ic! berlin acetate glasses are made of extremely lightweight and durable spring-steel-sheets and acetate. They can bear quite a lot, nevertheless we advise you that excessive and unnecessary mechanical influences should be avoided. Their acetate models are neither glued, screwed nor demolished. The clips and frames are completely detachable.

The metal contains a small quantity of carbonate, chrome and atomic bound nickel, as a rule it is also suitable for people with allergies. Furthermore the acetate endings of the frames prevent constant contact with the skin. Acetate is an anti-allergic, synthetic plastic made of organic fibers. Due to the structure of this non-petroleum product differences in colours and patterns can occur.

This is no reason for complaints.

The acetate frame is milled from one piece. As the nose bridge is not glued, the acetate frame remains stable and durable. Furthermore, all colours are uv-stabilized. Stainless steel can not be dyed, but only extremely thin coated.

Due to mechanical stress there can be changes on the outer coating of the hinge. This phenomenon is rarely visible and can hardly be avoided with long term usage. However, this only adds to the charm of the glasses' history.

Acetate glasses are qualified for the use of mineral lenses. If you decide for synthetic lenses please consider: do not choose polycarbonate lenses, as acetate and polycarbonate are like cat and dog.

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