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FLEXARBON Collection information


The new FLEXARBON® collection – extremely lightweight, unique material & ultimate comfort. Borrowing techniques from aerospace technology, the result was a product with unprecedented functionality. The innovative FLEXARBON® collection marks the starting point of a new era in eyewear manufacturing.

Technological Fusion
Our premium eyewear collection pushes boundaries in performance and style. Through advanced materials engineering and meticulous craftsmanship, we’ve created a line optimized for comfort and durability. These carbon frames blend sleek aesthetics with lightweight flexibility. They empower individuals to take on each day’s visual challenges with confidence, whether navigating busy city streets or exploring new creative horizons.
Our carbon eyewear boasts an urban allure and performance, catering to individuals who value premium materials and technological breakthroughs harmonizing with an ageless aesthetic.


The FLEXARBON material presents an exceptionally refined aesthetic with a subtly textured matte finish. Tailored perfectly for our eyewear collection, its anthracite hue takes on an exquisite three-dimensional quality as light plays across the velvety surface.

Quick Facts
  • The FLEXARBON® frame features an exceptionally lightweight design, with the front section weighing in at a mere 2 grams. This is lighter than a standard sheet of paper, ensuring optimal weight distribution and comfort when worn.
  • Constructed from just 0.7mm of ultra-thin layered fibers, the material delivers a high-quality matte finish on the exterior along with an elegant internal pattern. Its eight layers provide sturdiness despite the slim design.
  • A defining characteristic of FLEXARBON® is its flexibility, allowing the fronts to be adjusted across three angled positions using ic! berlin’s proprietary FLEX clips. This guarantees a customized fit for maximum wearing comfort no matter the activity.



Model: FLX 04
Size: Large
Material details: Flexarbbon,Stainless steel, Injection mould
Frame Width: 138 mm
Lens height: 42 mm
Lens width: 55 mm
Lens distance: 16 mm
Hinge: 10 mm
Temple Lenght: 145 mm

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