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Lens Information

Can I make an exchange for the prescription on my lenses that is not suitable for me?
Yes, you can. We know nobody wants discomfort or blurred vision. So within the first 60 days, if you experience discomfort or if you feel the degree is not suitable for you, please inform us and we will gladly change them for you.
My lens has become scratched. Does the warranty cover this?
Unfortunately, no. The warranty from various lens manufacturers does not cover scratched lens.
I am bothered by the lens thickness. Is it possible to make them thinner?
Yes, it is possible. Please contact us or speak directly to us at the shop. We will offer you the most suitable lenses based on your degree. Do note that there may be occasions when we cannot meet your required lens thickness due to your degree and the size/shape of the frames.
I had my new lenses made with the same degree as my current pair of glasses. However, my vision seems different. Why is this so?
The change in your vision could be due to the shape and the fitting of the frames. *If you are not comfortable with your vision, please visit our shop so we could confirm your degree and adjust the frames and the fitting accordingly. Kindly bring your glasses to our shop within the warranty period.



After Sales Service

What after sales service do you provide?
We provide an unprecedented lifetime after sales services at no charge. These services include change of nose pads, adjustment and tightening of screws, adjustment of fitting and eye test.
Is it possible to return an item?
Yes, we accept returns provided the item remains in pristine condition. Please read our Returns & Exchanges Policy.
There is a scratch on the lens. Can you do something about it?
We are unable to repair or remove scratches on lenses. However, we may be able to change the lenses depending on the condition of the frames.
Can you adjust the fitting of frames purchased from elsewhere?
We are happy to adjust the fitting of your frames for free. *This service may not be available for some frames due to constraints in the frame condition.
Can you change my contact lenses power after purchased?
For all our customers, if you accidentally purchased and received the wrong power or perhaps a few months down the road your eye power changes, we are happy to change the power of your contact lenses at no charge. *This service is only available to our customers who purchased the contact lenses from us.

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