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A brand that continuously define its personality,

drawing inspiration from different areas such as fashion,

design,art & pop culture.

MOLSION belong to

those who look at the world with their own eyes and

believe in challenging status quo.

They take inspiration from daily like, and are independent.

They keep thir integrity and unique personality.

This is the MOLSION spirit.



2011/ Established 
Invite Hongkong film actor—Cherrie Ying to declare MOLSION’s attitude of being young.

2014/ Promoting 
Sign with Mi Yang and Xiaoming Huang these two superstars, break the routine and show its difference.

2016/ All-round upgrade 
Fully integrated brand image and product design, open a new brand development process.

2017/ Different Vision 
Join with the famous Korean actress Park Shin Hye, integrate art and design into pop culture to act myself.

 Molsion’s Spring-Summer 2018 campaign for Taiwan and China features Chinese model and actress Angela Yeung Wing, also known as Angelababy.

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