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by Adriel Wen February 13, 2017 0 Comments

We have a word in German, Wanderlust. It doesn’t translate directly, but it describes that urge you get somewhere between your heart and your gut that compels you to travel, to see the world and to broaden your horizons. Similarly, Fernweh is the yearning for far-off places (literally translated as distance-woe) and is not so much a concept as it is a widely recognized emotional state.

The only known cure for Fernweh is to get out and go. Leave what you know, leave what is comfortable and secure, and challenge yourself. Be a different version of yourself, or be someone else entirely. Go somewhere foreign; somewhere warm, where the air is salty, the sun searing and the horizon never-ending. Somewhere that simultaneously exhausts you and reinvigorates you, like that vitamin D overdose you walk home with after doing nothing in the sun all day: hazy, lazy, sun kissed contentment.

Summer Haze Wipeout & Kingpin by ic! berlin

Summer Haze Carla L by ic! berlin

We first met the photographer Tino Pohlmann at a photo shoot for Cicli Berlinetta, a vintage bicycle store in Berlin. His Wanderlust was taking him to California after the shoot and much as it triggered our own Fernweh, we did the next best thing to going with him: we gave him our new collection. If we couldn’t be soaking up the Californian sun, at least our glasses could. That’s what they’re designed for, after all.

When you cruise down the beach with a camera in one hand and a bunch of screwless glasses in the other, everyone comes over and says hello. The cast of ic! berlin’s summer haze is an ensemble of characters Tino encountered as he road-tripped along the Californian coastline: world-class surfers schooling a new batch of barneys in Malibu, bodybuilders pumping iron in the sun at Muscle Beach, future models working on their tans alongside locals getting “medicinally” stoned on Venice Beach.

Smell the salt in the air, hear the waves crash in the distance, feel the sand in your underwear and dream of a place three worlds away from where you are now.



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Courtesy from ic! berlin
Adriel Wen
Adriel Wen

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