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November 14, 2018 1 min read

It has been over a year since we made any updates.

This time round, the entire theme has be re-done from scratch. We have been prompted to make the changes due multiple issues with adding products to cart and the evidently slow webstore loading speed.

Well, now... Our webstore loads blazing fast!!

Buying of contact lenses especially has a huge change. Unfortunately, discounts are not automatically added like before. But, we have added a SALES page where all the collective ongoing sale codes are listed. We have also included, clearly in red colour, product-specific discount codes to the product respective page. This also ease the hassle of click to and fro webpages. Importantly, the discounts code can then be used during checkout process.

The updates are not entirely complete yet, but we are making day to day changes as we move along.

Finally, a GREAT THANK YOU to our supporting customers for making everything happen!

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