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by Adriel Wen March 01, 2017 0 Comments

The 2017 ByWP eyewear collection.

ByWP SS2017 - Screwless Hinge

The collection is defined by its clear aesthetics, reflecting a subtle sense of style and successfully combining modern fashion with industrial design language. High-tech engineering is used to shape highly flexible, wafer-thin stainless steel that is then refined using ionic electroplating, hand-polished or matte finished. New materials such as acetate or titanium give the style an alternative edge.

ByWP SS2017 - Screwless Hinge

Among the latest collection features an eyeglass model with a clip-on sunglass. Specially made for individuals requiring prescription lenses and craving a shade. More color variations only available in-store.

One of the popular eyewear fashion brand in Korea.



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Adriel Wen
Adriel Wen

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