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Our Philosophy

RETROCRAFT is a result of unique design and sophisticated craftsman, it is high end and contemporary art piece that 
you can wear and carry on a daily basics. We are unlike luxury accessories as we are made for those 
who seek for stylish, functional and enduring eyewear. 

One thing you won’t see from RETROCRAFT is redundant commercial campaigns flooding all over the place. Simply because we believe that every penny you spend should go to that pair of glasses directly and completely for it’s quality and value.


Believing in “Details is the key”, RETROCRAFT not only invests long hours of research and experiments, but also undergone complex engineering processes to ensure that we produce the finest product. Spot on the featured hinge in order to fit facial shapes of customers from difference nations, we distinguish the result with quality and style.

Inspired by golden elements from the 50’s to 90’s, RETROCRAFT adds a little drop of classics to boot up the tasteful features spontaneously while the logo is intentionally subtle to highlight the product itself. The decorated hinge, use of beta titanium and polarized lens on the other hand gives a full functional consideration.

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