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Geolica HoliCat Lovely Cat Choco, 2/Box

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Mix & Match with other GEOLICA colours!

GEOLICA® HoliCat™ Lovely Cat Choco

Made in Korea

GEOLICA® HoliCat™ Lovely Cat Choco Coloured Contact Lenses | Singapore Authorised Dealer | FREE Worldwide Shipping | Price Match Guarantee


Product Description

  • Material Polymacon (2-HEMA)
  • Water Content 40 ± 2%
  • Replacement Schedule 30 days daily wear, monthly replacement.
  • Package Size 2 lenses/box
  • Lens Diameter 14.5 mm
  • Base Curves 8.7 mm
  • Center Thickness 0.08 mm (At -3.00D)
  • Powers Plano, -0.50D to -6.00D(0.25D steps), -6.00D to -8.00D(0.50D steps)
  • Approvals & Licensed
    FDA-Approved & Licensed Geolica Circle Color Lenses CE-Approved & Licensed Geolica Circle Color Lenses GMP-Approved & Licensed Geolica Circle Color Lenses

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

Good service and product

Great product and fast delivery

Great product and fast delivery


Comfortable lens! the delivery took 5 to 7 days :)


Geolica HoliCat Lovely Cat Choco, 2/Box

The only lens I’ve worn for years

The colour and diameter is very natural for Asian eyes, at least for mine, and most of the time, people don’t even realise I’m wearing coloured contacts that have a larger diameter than my real pupils. The lens may feel slightly dry and uncomfortable especially after long hours, but I think that’s how it is for most contact lens and you just need to use eye drops. I feel like I can’t survive without this model of contact lens because it makes A HUGE DIFFERENCE to how I look. I’ve tried a few other coloured contacts but either the diameter or the colour would make my eyes seem unnatural because I only know how to apply light makeup. Thank you Sin Chew Optics for making it convenient for me to order this in Singapore. Even though I think that the processing and delivery can be faster, the delivery personnel are often very helpful and text me to make sure that I know where they put the package if I’m not at home to receive it.

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