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Sharper than ever with Zoe Tay



A superior vision experience for eyes with presbyopia


The EYE-INSPIRED™ Design provides an exceptional wear using a Dual-Action Technology – “Moisture in” and “Irritation Out”.


1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST Brand Multifocal Contact Lenses are the first ever multifocal lens with a design inspired by the function and structure of the aging eye. This new and innovative Eye-Inspired™ Design specifically matches your eye’s changing needs for a clearer vision - near, intermediate, and far, in dim light and bright!


Do you have presbyopia?


Product Description

  • Benefits With new 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST Brand MULTIFOCAL Contact Lenses you’ll experience clear vision — near, intermediate, and far, in dim light and bright — so you can continue wearing contact lenses to do the things you love.
  • Replacement Schedule Daily wear, daily replacement. Fresh pair every day for healthier eyes, greater comfort and convenience.
  • UV Blocking One of the highest levels of UV Blocking available in a daily disposable contact lens, approximately 97% UV-B and 82% UV-A. Internationally recognized High UV protection standards.
  • Breathability Hydrogel material (etafilcon A). Delivers 88% of available oxygen to the open eye.
  • Wettability Exclusive LACREON® Technology permanently embeds a moisture-rich wetting agent, resulting in a fresh lens feeling and end-of-day comfort.
  • Smoothness LACREON® Technology forms a cushion of moisture similar to your natural tears to reduce friction and maintain moisture.
  • Easy Handling With Visibility Tint/Inside-Out Indicator Contact Lenses are lightly tinted blue so you can spot them in your lens case and inserting lenses correctly every time is as easy as following the 1-2-3 mark.
  • Package Size 30 lenses/box
  • Lens Diameter 14.3 mm
  • Base Curves 8.4 mm
  • Powers -9.00D to +6.00D, 0.25D steps
  • Add LOW +1.25D(+0.75D to +1.25D), MID +1.75D(+1.50D to +1.75D), HIGH +2.50D(+2.00D to +2.50D)


* 94% of patients were successfully fit with two pairs or less (4 total lenses)
** Helps protect against transmission of harmful UV radiation to the cornea and into the eye.


Warning: UV-absorbing contact lenses are not a substitute for UV-blocking sunglasses. It is because an UV-absorbing contact lens covers only a part of the eye. Therefore, contact lens wearers must continue to wear UV-blocking sunglasses as instructed. *Optimal duration of wear may vary between patients. Exact wearing schedule is to be recommended by your qualified Eye Care Professional.

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