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ic! berlin

PH 0001 H018 024 t08 303

ic! berlin 50 Arnouxstraße

50 Arnouxstraße, matt gold anthracite, night clear nylon, matt gold
50 Arnouxstraße, chrome black, black clear nylon, black
50 Arnouxstraße, bronze cement, brown sand mirrored, bronze
50 Arnouxstraße, teak rawhide, green polarized, teak

frame: 135 mm
lens: 54 mm
weight: 25 g
nose: 25 mm
temple: 10 mm 145 mm flex tpe

ic! berlin 50 Arnouxstrasse worn by Harry Skinner


technic!al information

ic! berlin frames and components are cut from 0,5 mm, highly flexible stainless steel. The frames are constructed from just three simple parts: front frame, temple and a clip which secures the lens. This production method is unique in the eyewear industry. The front frame is joined at the temple to a tension based hinge that functions without screws. No tools are necessary to assemble the individual parts. The temple snaps easily into the front frame and can be disassembled just as quickly. This system makes changing lenses easier than ever. To release the lens, simply unhook the temple and remove the sleeve that holds the frame together. The sheet metal glasses are also exceptionally light weighing between 11 and 28 g.

The material is pliable and can be adjusted to fit any wearer. Extreme light weight and precision adjustment capability have been combined to ensure maximum wearing comfort. ic! berlin frames are virtually indestructible. The pieces snap back together in seconds, and if the frame is bent, the wearer can easily reshape the frame back into its original form.

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