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ic! berlin Taku (Silk Collection)

frame: 132 mm
lens: 51 mm
weight: 13 g
nose: 22 mm
temple: 145 mm


Silk Collection information

Twenty-one years after our revolutionary, screwless hinge we present silk: our second, revolutionary, screwless hinge.

In the truest sense of the word, ic! berlin silk is naked: exposed, natural, beautiful. Not covered up by unnecessary branding or ornaments. Not weighed down by excess, over-design or screws.

In the quest for absolute minimalism ic! berlin silk is the androgynous marriage of technical innovation and avant-garde design. It’s a new generation of eyewear for a new generation of wearers: those who refuse to be defined by gender, race, age or the fact that they even need to wear glasses.

ic! berlin silk is finer and more streamlined than ever before; invisible and strong like the wind. Like an uplifting zephyr a distinct design language flows through the collection, one that creates an elegant boldness for the 21st century design aficionado.

It’s like wearing nothing at all.


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