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1. Shop

  • Choose Your Product
  • Check Product Information Learn more about the product by reading the descriptions.
  • Select & Fill In Product Options This will ease and speed up the checkout and approval process.
  • Confirm Shopping Cart Our order processing are fast and efficient! To avoid delivery or collection of incorrectly placed order, please kindly double check your shopping cart order(s).

2. Checkout

  • Enter Your Details
  • Choose Delivery Method
  • Choose Payment Method We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Paypal and Apple Pay.
  • Place And Confirm Order Double check your order if all the details are correct before confirmation.
  • Receive Order Confirmation

3. Approval

We are highly concern in providing the perfect piece unique to each individual as well as adhering to strict laws governing vision health. Thus, all orders received will be processed by our licensed professional optometrist and/or optician for approval.

This process takes less than an hour during our operating hours. In case where there is a lack of information, we will personally contact you for details.

If you do not possess a proper prescription, we would highly recommend you, for the first time, to drop by our optical retail shop to have your eye checked by our optometrists.

Note: Your order(s) will NOT be charged at checkout until approval process is verified & completed.

Delivery to Doorstep

4. Delivery

Sin Chew Optics delivers your order to your doorstep. We also have an option to self-collect at our optical retail shop for any necessary adjustments you may need.
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