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This is a eyewear brand with its simplicity and cleanness that has attracted fashionable people.
It is a metal design brand that features high-quality of glasses with the classic symbols such as water waves and flowers.
NINE ACCORD continuously challenges to produce brand-new eyewear. This artisan skill has been descended from father to son for 30 years.
It has consistently produced retro style eyewear for the period.
It is a metal eyewear brand that still has embers that can revive the glasses boom of 1980s and 1990s in Korea.
The design motto of NINE ACCORD is: “Let’s make a modern design of retro glasses and light glasses that appeals to everyone!”.
The harmony of retro designs with modern one is as difficult as the coexistence of purity and maturity.
But NINE ACCORD has made the impossible possible up to now.

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